Just published: New book by Edda Frankot explores urban banishment and exile

Frankot’s study examines the topic with a focus on the records of the Dutch town of Kampen in the later middle ages

Edda Frankot’s open access book, Banishment in the Late Medieval Eastern Netherlands: Exile and Redemption in Kampen, has just been published by Palgrave Macmillan!

The book examines the practice of banishment for what it reveals about morally acceptable behaviour in late medieval urban society. Punishment was used by authorities in Kampen to address sexual offences, but also for other matters, including the non-payment of fines. The book considers the legal context of the practice, and banishment as a punitive and coercive measure. It also discusses the redemption of exiles, either because their punishment was completed, or because they arranged for the payment of outstanding fines.

Edda said: “The study is something that evolved over a long period of time, while I was engaged on other projects, so much of the book I worked on in my spare time. I think it provides a multi-layered insight into late medieval urban society and legal culture, utilising not only a wide range of written sources, but also contemporary drawings from fifteenth-century Kampen.”

Congratulations Edda! LACR alumna Edda Frankot is an Associate Professor at Nord University, Norway.

DOI: https://doi.org/10.1007/978-3-030-88867-1; Hb ISBN: 978-3-030-88866-4; ebook ISBN: 978-3-030-88867-1